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Ground Environment


June 27, 2005: Results of the first ever ROBLOX Users Focus Group are in.  Favorite features:  Bombs, hazards, ROBLOX Points, Models.  Most requested features:  Characters (that you control), messaging and budy lists, and easier modeling. 
Note - ROBLOX points are now harder to earn because we've fixed some bugs in the ROBLOX Points allocator.  You can now track when you receive ROBLOX points in "My Stuff".  In the past, we were giving out 25 ROBLOX points every time you made top score in a specific game.  Now you can only get the top score once per game.


Welcome to GoBlocks! With your help, we have built a community of members with a passion for building, inventing and playing! Best of all, it's completely FREE! With ROBLOX, you can…


If you can imagine it, you can build it (see how it works) on ROBLOX! Build vehicles, characters, buildings or whatever you want with the ROBLOX pieces.


Play lots of cool games, all built by the ROBLOX community. Find a game to match your interest. Compete for high score and ROBLOX points.


Build your own games to earn even more ROBLOX points. You can build puzzles, driving games, construction games – use your imagination and show your work to your friends!

Earn ROBLOX Points!

Everything you do on ROBLOX earns ROBLOX points. Publish a popular game or get high score to earn LOTS of points.

Try ROBLOX today. It's free!